2022 Retirements

Pastor Lyle J. Ball

Baldwin: Covenant Community and Chase: Barton

Lyle J. Ball [(PL) PL 2010]
2010 Chase: Barton, Grant Center (PTLP ½); 2015 Baldwin: Covenant Community (PTLP ½) and Chase: Barton (PTLP ¼)


Rev. Thomas E. Ball

Cadillac UMC

Thomas E. Ball [(FE) D 1982; FE 1986]
1984 Girard, Ellis Corners; 1988 Climax, Scotts; 1994 Farwell; 2000 Howard City: Heritage; 2007 Cadillac

Pastor Ellen D. Bierlein

Buchanan: First UMC

As a young person, I felt God’s hand on my life, and I knew I wanted to give God my whole life but didn’t know how that happened for a woman in a denomination that didn’t allow women to

pastor.  So, I served God through music and church leadership as I married, had a child, multiple foster children and worked as a music teacher in Rochester, NY and Kalamazoo Public Schools.  Eventually, I became a school counselor in multiple Kalamazoo middle schools and loved working with young people.  I was always involved in bible study, church and music ministry. 

As I looked toward retirement from Kalamazoo Public Schools, I felt God leading in a familiar yet distant possibility of pastoring.  I now found myself in a denomination, United Methodist, which not only allowed women in the pastorate, but who made a way for any person to enter ministry at any point in his/her life.  So, at the age of 58, I went forward to learn of the new possibilities, and the processes I would need to accomplish going forward toward becoming a pastor.  It was an amazing and wondrous process, and I was granted a pastorate at First UMC of Buchanan, MI in July of 2018. 

The ministry there has been loving and fulfilling.  I have never been amongst a group of people with whom I am prouder to be associated.  It has been an amazing time of preaching, teaching, pastoral care and learning to grow into my new name of Pastor Ellen.  I thank God for every day of ministry here.

Now I am feeling the call of being a daughter of a 94-year-old woman who needs much care, and 10 amazing grandchildren with whom I need to be a part of their lives.  My husband and I look forward to new adventures and new possibilities of ministry as we return to our home in Allegan, MI.  God leads the way.

Ellen D. Bierlein [(FL) FL 2018]
2018 Buchanan: First


Rev. William C. Bills

East Lansing: University UMC

William C. Bills [(FE) D 1990; FE 1993]
1988 Burr Oak; 1991 Marshall (Assoc); 1994 Martin, Shelbyville; 2007 Georgetown; 2016 East Lansing: University


Rev. James E. Britt

Lambertville UMC

James E. Britt [(FE) P 1986; FE 1989]
1986 Owosso: Central; 1990 Algonac: Trinity; 1992 West Vienna; 2001 Livonia: Clarenceville; 


2006 Norway Grace, Faithhorn; 2011 Flint: Calvary; 2018 Lambertville

Pastor Jerry J. Bukoski

Kalamo UMC

Jerry J. Bukoski [(PL) PL 2014]
2014 Barry-Eaton Cooperative Ministry: Quimby (PTLP ¼); 2015 Kalamo, Quimby (PTLP 45%); 2018 Kalamo (LTFT ¼) 


Rev. Bo Rin Cho

Davison UMC

Someone said, “There really are two lives we live. The first life and then the second life when we realize we only have one life.”


 I think retirement is a time when we realize that we only have one life. Until not long ago, I just thought retirement was someone else’s business. Suddenly it became a serious business for me.

As I approach retirement, all of a sudden, I realize that I only have one precious life, and everything is beautiful and meaningful. This is truly a blessed time. I wish my Lord and others who I love to find some meaning in my ministry of 33 years. Looking back on my life journey and ministry, I am so thankful that everything worked together to make me who I am today.

Romans 8:28 said, “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”

I can also say that all things worked together for good for me. I don’t know what my future after retirement will look like, but I believe my Lord who has been faithful and gracious to me will also keep me in the same love and grace.


Bo Rin Cho [(FE) D 1990; FE 1992; OE 2004]
2004 East Lansing: Korean; 2013 Transferred from Minnesota Conf; 2014 Lansing: Asbury; 2017 Davison


Rev. Sang Yoon Chun

Atherton UMC, Grand Blanc: Phoenix UMC

Glory to God! Praise the Lord! Thank you, Lord! I just want to thank you, Lord. Thank you indeed for the privilege and the honor of your "Call" on my life. 

 Thank you for the wisdom, the strength, the support and the untold blessings for the "Journey!"

I was born in Seoul, Korea, where I was a pastor's kid. My father taught as a Seminary New Testament professor. The Presbyterian minister served to build two new urban churches in Seoul. I grew up in a Christian family and served as a Sunday School teacher, coordinator, director, and a choir member at a Presbyterian church. The church was growing from 50 to 500 members. From the faith community, I learned about the Gospel, God's love and God's way of life.

In College, my extra-curriculum involvement were activities of the College Christian Association. The involvement made me grow through several College Christian Services for the isolated rural and the poor urban area. In the process of graduating from Yonsei Graduate School with a Master of Arts; majoring in Micro-biology. A. major in Biology and minor in Science Teaching, I was struggling with ethical issues in biology. During graduate work I was enrolled as a Teaching Assistant and a Research Assistant at Yonsei University Seoul, Korea. When I studied for graduate at Wayne State University I also worked as a Research Assistant at the Kresgy Eye Institute in Detroit.

When I came to the United State of America, I studied Biological Science. I attended a United Methodist church, where I married and was involved in choir, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School and Young Adult Group. I volunteered as General Director at Michigan Area Korean Summer Youth Camp at Port Huron Camp, and Counselor at Bay Shore Camp in Michigan. During these camps, God called me to become a pastor. After graduating from Wayne State University with a Master of Science, I earned a M.Div. from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and a D.Min. from Wesley Theological Seminary.

I received an award of Dr. Thomas A. Stafford Greek Prize from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Crusade scholarship & scholarships from the United Methodist Churches as well as scholarships from the Yonsei University.

My conference commitments were the services as a member of Detroit Board of Ordained Ministry, Continuing Education Officer of CBOM, Planning & Research Committee at Detroit Annual Conference, Conference Merger Committee, PH dCOM, East Wind dCOM , District Coordinator of Enlistment, Religion and Race, Ethnic Local Church Committee, Town and Country, and a Senate of Michigan Area School For Pastoral Ministry. And I really enjoyed ministry with Korean Caucus, Committee on Asian America Ministry, North Central Jurisdiction Korean Caucus, National UM Korean Assemblies, Cross Racial and Cross Cultural Korean UMC, and AB/AR.

I married Jinah and we had two daughters: Grace and Gloria. Jinah and I are looking forward to spending more time with our daughters. Am I retiring from active pastoral ministry? Perhaps, but I shall never be retired from God's Call on my life. There is still plenty of fire in my bones!

Thank you, Lord, and to all who I have known and loved along the way. The Michigan Conference has supported me in ministry and loved me through ups and down. And Glory to God, who make me through this special ministry.

Sang Yoon Chun [(FE) P 1988; F 1990]
1988 Reese, Watrousville; 1992 Elkton; 1996 Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington (Virginia Conference), (¶426.1); 1999 Birch Run; 2005 Monroe: First; 2007 Ida, Samaria: Grace; 2016 Atherton, Phoenix   

Rev. M. Kay DeMoss

Senior Content Editor; Writer, Michigan Conference Communications

After ten years of ministry in Vicksburg and Portage 1st UMCs in faith formation and administration, I was consecrated a Diaconal 

Minister in 1985. 

My first appointment was to Kalamazoo First United Methodist Church as Coordinator of Education and Lay Development. I then moved to Adrian as Editor/Publisher of The Michigan Christian Advocate from 1987 to 1995. Upon ordination as a Deacon in 1997, my ministry continued in communication as Editor of Blodgett Press, publisher of devotional materials (1998-2003).

In 2005 I began a 10-year role as part-time Minister of Discipleship at Muskegon Central United Methodist Church. During that time my appointment also included work as the West Michigan Conference Secretary of Global Ministries. In 2012 I returned to communication ministry for the Michigan Area as web-editor. In 2015 that responsibility grew to become the Senior Content Editor for the Michigan Area (then Conference) Communications Team, which I have served until the present. Since 2015 I have been active in preaching and faith formation at, first, Grand Rapids Trinity UMC and now, Georgetown UMC. Throughout those years, I have seen myself as primarily a Christian Educator. Sometimes that ministry took place in traditional classrooms. Other years in a pressroom, most recently located in my home at Clark Retirement Community. Jesus told parables using ordinary experiences to explain deeper spiritual truths. My goal always has been to share contemporary parables that make holy and complex realities a little easier to understand. Bishop Judith Craig paid me the best compliment along that journey. “You have been invitational rather than confrontational, and I am grateful.” I have been blessed to be a Servant of The Word.

Kay DeMoss [(FD) DM 1985; D 1997]

1985 Kalamazoo: First Coordinator of Education and Lay Development; 1987 Editor/Publisher, Michigan Christian Advocate; 1995 Editor/Publisher, Blodgett Press; 1997 Mission to Area People, Coordinator of Volunteers, Muskegon Heights; 1998 Editor/Publisher, Blodgett Press; 2003 Editor/Publisher, Blodgett Press (LTFT ½) and Minister of Education, Muskegon Central (LTFT ½); 2005 Minister of Adult Education, Muskegon Central (LTFT ¼) and Conference Secretary of Global Ministries (LTFT 1/4); 2009 Muskegon: Central (Deacon) Minister Of Discipleship (LTFT ½); 2012 Muskegon: Central (Deacon) Minister Of Discipleship (LTFT ½) and Conference Web-Editor (LTFT ¼ ); 2013 Muskegon: Central (Deacon) Minister Of Discipleship (LTFT ¼) and Area Communications Team (LTFT ½); 2015 Senior Writer & Content Editor, MI Area Communications Team Annual Conference (LTFT ½); 2016 Senior Writer & Content Editor, MI Area Communications Team Annual Conference (LTFT ½) and Missional: Grand Rapids: Trinity (Deacon) (Part Time); 2018 Senior Writer & Content Editor, MI Area Communications Team Annual Conference (LTFT ½) and Missional: Georgetown (Part Time); 2019 Senior Content Editor, MI Conference Communications Team (LTFT ¾) and Missional: Georgetown.


Rev. Ronald A. Fike

Gwinn UMC

I have been what is often called a “second-career” pastor. My time in pastoral ministry has been spent utilizing all of the skills and experiences gleaned from

previous careers, along with everything I have learned over the years, to preach and teach the Gospel, and only the Gospel. The Apostle Paul has been a helpful example for me:

Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him. It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness, and redemption. 1 Cor. 1:26-30 (NIV)

These words have been of great value to me in my ministry. Paul always proclaimed the Christ who was both crucified and risen. He did not promote himself or try to profligate some brand new way of thinking. He simply proclaimed salvation in Christ, warned about trying to live without Christ, and he taught everything he could about Christ. I have prayerfully strived throughout my ministry to follow this approach.

Ronald A. Fike [(FE) PL 2010; PE 2013; FE 2016]
2010 Springville; 2014 Gwinn   

Rev. Cindy L. Gibbs

Pigeon: First UMC

In a movie, one character asked another, “What would you say to your 18-year-old self?” I know what I’d say: “You’re not gonna believe this!”

My 18-year-old self was afraid of public speaking. Afraid of funerals. Afraid of the whole you’ve-gotta-get-saved thing. Afraid of Jesus’ words in Luke 12, “whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.” So how did I end up as a pastor? God called my name. You know the saying … “God doesn’t call the equipped. God equips the called.”

I started as a licensed local pastor at Churchill UMC in January 2008, moved to Romulus: Community in July 2010, finished Course of Study in August 2014, and moved to Pigeon: First in July 2015. What a journey! Fear of public speaking has no power with God beside me. I’ve come to appreciate the privilege of conducting funerals. I’ve learned that salvation is rooted in God’s grace. And I’ve depended upon the Holy Spirit to speak through me or in spite of me as I preach.

I have not journeyed alone. I am forever thankful for a finance committee that led me in preparing my first annual reports. I’ve enjoyed the insights and prayers of devoted disciples. I’m grateful for faithful volunteers. And I admire my husband, who didn’t marry a pastor, for going wherever God sent us.

The journey has been fun and frustrating, exhilarating and exhausting – and amazing. I look forward to whatever God has in store for me next!

Cindy L. Gibbs [(FL) PL 2008; FL 2010]
2008 Churchill; 2010 Romulus; 2015 Pigeon: First 

Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings

Director, Alfalit International/Liberia Literacy Program, Liberian Conference

Emmanuel J. Giddings, Sr. [(FE) P 1993 (on recognition of orders, Liberia Annual Conference); F 1994]

1992 Detroit: Central (assoc); 1995 Detroit: Conant Avenue; 1997 St. Clair Shores: Good Shepherd; 1999 Associate Council Director: Urban Missioner; 2003 leave of absence; 2006 Director of Alfalit International, Liberia Literacy Program, Liberian Conference ¶344.1


Pastor Jerry D. Griggs

McGregor UMC

Jerry D. Griggs [(PL) PL 1998]
1998 Eastern Thumb Cooperative Parish: McGregor, Carsonville; 2004 McGregor, Carsonville


Pastor Nelson L. Hall

Ontonagon UMC, Rockland: St. Paul's UMC, Greenland UMC

Nelson L. Hall [(FL) PL 1999; FL 2018] 1999 Baldwin, Luther; 2005 Marcellus: Wakelee; 2007 Augusta: Fellowship (PTLP ½); 

 2013 Gobles, Kendall; 2015 Kalamazoo: Northwest (PTLP ¼); 2018 Ontonagon, Greenland, Rockland: St. Paul


Rev. Peter S. Harris

Manchester: Sharon UMC

Peter S. Harris [(FE) P 1982; F 1987]
1984 Owosso: First (assoc); 1986 Flint: Eastwood; 1989 Lincoln Park: Dix; 1996 Stony Creek; 2007 Manchester: Sharon


Pastor Maurice R. Horne

Bloomfield Hills: St. Paul UMC, Hazel Park: First UMC

I received my calling to the ministry at the young age of 15.  From there, I began preaching in 1977 and served as a traveling 

Evangelist for 3 years.  In April 1981, I received my ordination as an Elder in The Pentecostal Denomination. My career continued as I pioneered a church from December 1981 until June of 1990.  The changing economy forced this ministry to close and the building was sold. 

I joined the United Methodist Church in 1991; deciding to become a local Pastor in this ministry.  In July of 1999, I received my first appointment at Mt. Hope UMC in Detroit, continued on to a two-point charge at Calvary UMC and Jefferson UMC in Saginaw, to Lincoln Park UMC in Flint, then to an Extension Ministry over the South Flint Soup Kitchen until 2018.  My final appointment was a two-point charge over First UMC of Hazel Park and St. Paul of Bloomfield Hills in 2020.  In 2010, I graduated from the Course of Study. After serving on this 45-year, wonderful journey for myself and my family, I made the decision to retire.

I have learned a lot, over the years, have met many wonderful people and have participated in milestone ministries.  I give thanks for those who have given me their support, as well as thanks for those who have caused me to increase my prayer life.  As I begin this new phase of life called “retirement”, I ask for your prayers as I continue in ministry.

Maurice R. Horne, Sr. [(FL) PL 1999; FL 2006]
1999 Eastside Covenant Cooperative Parish: Detroit: Mt. Hope; 2004 Saginaw: Jefferson Avenue, Calvary; 2006 Saginaw: Jefferson Avenue; 2009 Flint: Lincoln Park; 2018 Flint Mission Zone Minister of Outreach; 2020 Bloomfield Hills: St. Paul, Hazel Park   

Rev. Robert L. Hundley

Grand Rapids: First UMC

Pigeon and I are grateful for the journey of pastoral ministry.  I celebrate the accomplishments that I have enjoyed, just as I celebrate the struggles 

in the valley that have been the catalyst for growth.  Through it all, I have attempted to be faithful to the call of God to be an effective pastoral leader.  We have loved the people entrusted to our care – and the people have loved us.  Thanks be to God.

Robert L. Hundley, Jr. [(FE) PL 1980; D 1982; FE 1989]
1980 Center Eaton, Brookfield; 1982 East Lansing: University (assoc); 1990 Director of PastoralCare, Michigan Capital Medical Center; 1996 Lansing: First; 2000 Mason: First; 2009 District Superintendent, Lansing District; 2013 Grand Rapids: First   

Rev. Catherine M. Huvaere

Clio: Bethany UMC

Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that seasons come and go: in nature, in our  lives, and in our churches. Each season serves a purpose and leaves well-prepared soil for 

the next season’s work.

I have served among 5 of our most blessed congregations for 29 years, and  I am thankful for this wondrous journey. We have grown and changed, wept and laughed,  tossed confetti, celebrated dandelions, cheered on the Red Wings, and shared  the transforming love and grace of God together.

I am deeply thankful to the Church that welcomed me: a former member of the Catholic and Christian Reformed Churches, who had been taught that women  are not called to ministry. It took a startling conversation with God in the midst of a sermon by the (now) Bishop Sharon Rader to show me something different. Thank you for affirming my gifts and challenging me to grow.  This has been the most surprising, exhausting, difficult, and fulfilling work I have ever done. May God be praised for the fruit my ministry may have  borne. Shalom.

Catherine M. Huvaere [(FE) D 1996; FE 2002]
1993 Marne; 2002 Grand Rapids: Aldersgate; 2005 Grand Rapids: St. Paul’s; 2012 Niles: Wesley; 2017 Clio: Bethany   

Rev. Rodney J. Kalajainen

DeWitt: Redeemer UMC - St. Johns: First Campus, DeWitt: Redeemer UMC

Rodney J. Kalajainen [(FE) D 1979; FE 1981]
1978 St. Johns Parish;1978 Shepardsville, Price; 

1981 Mt. Pleasant: First (Assoc); 1984 Battle Creek: Birchwood; 1988 DeWitt: Redeemer   

Rev. Shawn P. Lewis-Lakin

Birmingham: First UMC

In 1987, following my first interview with the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry, David Kidd, a member of the Board and pastor at Detroit Central, asked to talk 

with me.

He proceeded to tell me about Barbara Lewis, the associate pastor with whom he served, and how I should really meet her. His idea blossomed into 31+ years of marriage, three children, and, so far, two grandchildren.

Appointments to congregations in Pontiac, Dearborn, and Trenton. Service in public school settings in Trenton, Monroe, Chelsea, Manchester, and Royal Oak. And then another appointment to Birmingham First. In between, a twenty-year leave of absence, which may have been stretching things a bit. In it all, the belief that God has made us for each other, that we are better together.

And now retirement (effective 2/1/2022). Continued work as a part-time direct hire at Birmingham First and with the Michigan Association of School Boards, leading workshops and facilitating superintendent searches. Time with family and for recreating. Splitting time between West Bloomfield and Cadillac.

Thanks be to God for a family that loves, grieves, and celebrates life together, and for friends and colleagues that have been and are a part of the journey.

For I am sure that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor power, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:38-39)

Shawn P. Lewis-Lakin [(FE) P 1987; F 1990]
1988 Pontiac: St. James; 1990 Dearborn: First (Assoc); 1994 Trenton: First; 1997 Leave of Absence; 2017 Birmingham: First (Senior Assoc) (2019 LTFT ¾); 2020 Birmingham: First (Senior Assoc LTFT ¼)   

Pastor Kathryn L. Leydorf-Keck

Maple Rapids UMC, Lowe UMC

Kathryn L. Leydorf-Keck [(PL) FL 2012; PL 2014]
2007 Salem, Lowe, Maple Rapids; 2014 Lowe, Maple Rapids (PTLP ¾)


Rev. Gregory M. Mayberry

Troy: Big Beaver UMC

Gregory M. Mayberry [(FE) P 1984; F 1986]
1984 Iron River; 1990 Caseville; 1998 Milford; 2011 Caro; 2016 Troy: Big Beaver


Rev. David L. McBride

Leighton UMC

David L. McBride [(FE) D 1985; FE 1987]
1983 Holton, Sitka; 1985 Holton; 1988 Marshall (Assoc); 1991 Ithaca, Beebe; 2006 Leighton


Rev. Dr. Ray T. McGee

Grosse Pointe UMC

One of the many blessings that I’ve encountered as I approach this thing called “retirement” from pastoral ministry is the time spent remembering

and reflecting upon the journey. A journey that spans 5 appointments, 28 years, thousands of colleagues (lay and clergy) and an untold number of memories! These times of remembering include good times, tough times, tears of joy and tears of sorrow.

For my journey, some of those tears can be found in: baptizing an infant, sitting at the bedside as a beloved saint transitions from life to life everlasting, counseling with first responders at “ground zero” following the 911 attacks, watching a newly formed mission to rehabilitate homes in the inner city take wings and grow, enduring a major building project, training new local pastors or sharing the “sacrament” of a cup of coffee in my office where the conversation revealed more questions than answers.

The “bottom line”? What can I take away? Maybe just this: Through all these times, places, people and events, God has been present and all of us were “in this” together. God’s grace, love and presence found in so many people have proved to be the common denominator or blessing that will be carried with me for the rest of my life.

So, thank you to all the persons that have been part of my life, forgive me of my failings, celebrate your successes and remember that God’s love is with you!

Ray T. McGee [(FE) LP 1995; FL 1998; AM 2000; FE 2003]
1995 LaSalle: Zion; 2000 Sebewaing: Trinity; 2004 Flint: Calvary; 2011 Detroit: Metropolitan; 2016 Grosse Pointe   


Pastor Carol A. Middel

Riverview UMC

I am retiring from the pulpit as I have reached the mandatory retirement age of seventy-two. I came to this ministry later in my career life after teaching in the 

classroom for over thirty-seven years, followed by serving on school board for twelve years. I began serving at Thomas United Methodist Church and am now serving at Riverview United Methodist Church. This has been an experience that I will treasure having met and worked with many dedicated United Methodists. I will miss all the children whose lives have been touched by learning about the stories in the Bible. I take with me the knowledge that God has truly blessed me and enriched my spiritual life with many opportunities that I would not have had had I continued to ignore his calling.

Carol A. Middel [(PL) PL 2019]
2019 Thomas (DSA) (LTFT ½); 2019 Thomas (LTFT 1/2 ); 2019 Riverview (LTFT 1/2 )   

Rev. Carman J. Minarik

Mecosta: New Hope UMC

Carman J. Minarik [(FE) P 1997 W. OH; FE 2000]
1995 Essex (W. OH); 1997 school; 1998 Carleton; 2002 South Lyon (co-pastor); 2007 Mount Clemens:   

First (co-pastor); 2013 Escanaba: First; 2016 Owosso: Trinity; 2019 Mecosta: New Hope

Rev. James P. Mitchum

Petoskey UMC

James P. Mitchum [(FE) D 1984; FE 1986]
1983 Charlotte (Assoc); 1987 Robbins; 1997 Petoskey


Pastor Zelphia J. Mobley

Old Mission Peninsula UMC

Zelphia J. Mobley [(FL) PL 2014; FL 2015]
2015 Pontiac: Grace & Peace Community, Waterford: Trinity; 2019 Old Mission Peninsula


Pastor Craig A. Pahl

East Jordan UMC, Barnard UMC

As I look back over the past 22 years, I realize that it is indeed true that GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!  I have observed God’s goodness and grace as I have been allowed to 

become part of the parishioner’s families.  We have been through some good time and some rough times, but God has never forsaken us! 

I have only served 2 appointments, one for 14 years and then 8 years.  This longevity has allowed me to watch some of the children grow into fine young adults. 

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my wife Patty as she has stuck with me through thick and thin.  She has been my rock!  I thank God for the wonderful volunteers that made my “job” of being their pastor so easy!  You are too numerous to list plus I don’t want to miss listing someone.  You know who (and whose) you are!

It doesn’t seem possible, but I have served under 5 of the best Bishops the United Methodist Church has produced!! 

To those of you that are just starting your journey into ministry, remember to take time to breath.  If you go around gasping for air (which is what I did at first) the congregation will too.

I will continue to pray for the United Methodist Church as we go through the many changes facing us.  May you be the peace that the world needs to see today.

Craig A. Pahl [(FL) PL 2000; FL 2004]
2000 Jonesville, Allen; 2001 Jonesville, Allen, Moscow Plains; 2004 Jonesville, Allen, Moscow Plains (FT); 2007 Jonesville, Allen; 2014 Barnard, East Jordan, Norwood; 2017 East Jordan, Barnard   

Pastor Nancy J. Patera

Berlin Center UMC, LaValley UMC

Nancy J. Patera [(FL) PL 2007; FL 2014]
2007 Ionia: Easton (PTLP ½); 2014 Burnips, Monterey Center; 2017 Ionia Parish: LeValley, Berlin Center


Rev. Susan E. Platt

Sandusky: First UMC

I want to thank the Lord for his calling on my life, my family for their support, and the congregations I have served. Our God is incredible, and I have 

grown in my faith over the many years of ministry as I led God’s people and learned from the many Bible studies, teachings, devotionals, and sermons.

Before my pastoral ministry I served God as a Christian Educator on staff in Auburn, IN from 1992-1998 when I finally responded to God’s call. I am so grateful that I followed His nudge on my life; what a difference in life it has made.

I have enjoyed serving on many committees; especially the Board of Ordained Ministry and District Committee on Ministry and hope to continue to serve on these boards.

Now in retirement, I hope to do some traveling and seeing more of our family. I will continue to serve the Lord no matter where he takes me as I am very thankful for all that Christ has done for me.

Susan E. Platt [(AM) FL 2011; AM 2013]
2011 Bay City: Fremont Ave.; 2016 Alpena: First; 2018 Sandusky: First 

Rev. Anne W. Riegler

Mears UMC, Shelby UMC

Anne W. Riegler [(AM) PL 2010; FL 2017; AM 2019]
2007 LP w/o appointment; 2009 Amble (PTLP); 2017 Mears, Shelby


Rev. Michael A. Riegler

Montague UMC

Michael A. Riegler [(FE) FL 2006; AM 2012; PE 2015; FE 2017]
2005 Big Rapids: Third Avenue, Paris, Rodney; 2011 Edmore: Faith; 2017 Montague


Rev. John H. Schneider, Jr.

Hardy UMC

John H. Schneider, Jr. [(FE) P 1983; F 1985]
1993 Morrice, Bennington, Pittsburg; 1997 Wisner; 1999 Monroe: First; 2005 Lincoln Park: Dix, Taylor: West Mound; 2013 Hardy


Rev. John A. Scott

Manistee UMC

John A. Scott [(FE) FL 2000; PE 2001; FE 2004]
2000 Girard, Ellis Corners; 2003 Girard, Ellis Corners, Quincy (Co-Pastor); 2007 Traverse 

Windward Community New Church Start; 2011 Lakeview: New Life; 2015 Manistee


Rev. Dr. Joseph D. Shaler

Otsego UMC

It has been a blessing and joy to serve out my final 22 years of Pastoral Ministry as a United Methodist, serving at the Otsego United Methodist Church.  

I started as a DSA in 2000 and was appointed as an Elder in 2001.   It was an added bonus to be a ministry partner with my wife, Terri, who serves as the director of our local community food pantry and helping agency, "Christian Neighbors."  I was able to serve in a Church that was committed to serving its community and sharing Jesus Christ with others.    I had the opportunity to witness God change many hearts and lives through my years of ministry.   For each of those, I am grateful and blessed.

Joseph D. Shaler [(FE) PE 2001; FE 2003]
2001 Otsego   

Pastor Donna J. Sperry

Turk Lake UMC

One of the wisest people who ever lived wrote, “To everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). 

God has certainly been gracious. He has allowed me do ministry together with faithful congregations which I am thankful for. I could not have asked for more support, love, and care from a congregation. I excited to see what God has in store, and answer the call to the future ministries He has planned.

Donna J. Sperry [(FL) PL 2014; FL 2016]
2014 Ionia: Easton (PTLP ½); 2016 Flat River Cooperative Parish: Ionia: Easton (½ time) and Turk Lake, Belding (½ time). 2020 Re-aligned to 3-pt charge – Ionia: Easton (½), Belding (¼), Turk Lake (¼). 2021 Re-aligned to 2 charges on a circuit – Belding, Turk Lake (½) and Ionia: Easton (½)


Rev. Linda K. Stull-Lipps

Riverdale: Lincoln Road UMC

Linda K. Stull-Lipps [(FE) FL 2006; PE 2007; FE 2015]
2006 Parma; 2006 Center Park; 2011 Potterville; 2016 (LTFT ¾) Riverdale: Lincoln Road


Pastor Inge E. Whittemore

East Nelson UMC

Inge E. Whittemore [(PL) PL 2016]
2016 East Nelson (PTLP ½)


2022 Michigan Annual Conference